Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sticks N Stitches

I've been working with my friend Kari for a few months on this. I'm so excited I can't stand it!

These are excellent seats (i sat there a couple of times) on the plaza level behind the goal (blues defend twice). Normally the seat alone would cost $42, but because they love us fiber artists, they made the whole package deal $30, hotdog, soda and goodies included!

See you all there!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Quick update before i start work...

Newsboy cap.... CUTE! love it! and it is going sooooo fast. i was at the half way point Sunday night..... i realized i had cabled the wrong way on the 2nd cable on one of the front cables... that's right time to ladder down.... or not... it is a biiiiiiiiiiig mess. i think i'm going to have to pull it out. ah well. i'll knit it back up during the next movie.

turned the heel on the first bellatrix sock....

finished the back on my sweater.... it looks a little funny. i may pull out the last few rows and try it again.

can you tell i'm a bit less stressed? and happier? and much much more productive this week!
i accepted the keyholder position at job 3 so i can cut my hours back at job 2.
and 2 very very very cute boys delivered the new fridge, range and dishwasher this morning. new cabinets tomorrow..... that means full working kitchen before Burns Night Dinner! YAY!

hopefully this means pictures next week!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008

Anyone else hate the feeling of time passing? 26 is looming just around the corner. no major mile stones to mark this year. just the passing of time.
though leap years are usually pretty good...?
yay for leap years!

I hope everyone had a happy new years! I spent it frogging. 2 1/2 rows of big yellow and the whole back panel of the shawl sweater (goodness she needs a name!!!). Really, I need to pay more attention to my knitting during movies so I can fix fewer messes.

I made the sweater back a hint bigger.
And I knit it back up to the second decrease. I hope to finish the back before KnitNight.... We'll see if that happens............

Ah to finish the back before knit night.......