Monday, November 26, 2007

More Monday Madness - A.D.D. Strikes again!

Well, I finally have an evening off. How shall I spend it? I guess I could take pictures of my FOs and WIPs, but no, that would take too much energy (the camera is at the opposite end of the house).
I should work on my big yellow ribbing from hell. No, that is, well, I'm not in the mood. Lets see, what else should I be doing?
The lap blanket? Its a possibility, but it's been a lot harder to get in the mood since I realized I'm going to be short on yardage for the size i wanted to make it. And of course it was the only one in its color. Ah well. It'll just have to be patient and wait until it's turn on Thursday. It is after all the perfect Knit Night project.
What does that leave me with?
Start my Christmas Knitting? Na, still to early! I'm not in the holiday mood yet.
Start a project from my queue? Eh, maybe.
Start a new sock? Definite possibility. I don't have any going right now. That's right. They are all finished. Hmmm. I never thought that possible. Must fix that.
I could spin. Almost ready to start plying! I'm definitely excited about that! And as soon as I'm finished with the plying I have some very very pretty Horizon Blue merino to spin up! WOOHOOO! Somehow I think this may be tonights winner.
Or I could do the sock.
Perhaps I should pull out mom's sweater and start my pattern for it. The yarn for mine should be here in a couple of days. Now that is one project for which I might just call in sick from my jobs... all of them!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Belated Happy Turkey Day to YOU!

Well, another holiday has come and gone. We gave thanks for our family, our friends, our pets and the many blessings we have been given... and are still to receive. This year we give thanks for the time we have been given with those we loved, and have lost. We give thanks for the time that remains with all those hold closest to our hearts. For the food on our over-flowing table. And the finally-no-longer-leaking roof over our heads.

I gave special thanks to my knitting and spinning
For the peace of mind and glimpse of sanity it restores every night.
For the warmth it bestows on my toes and hands and neck and other bits.
And for the huge dent in my paycheck it leaves behind... I can't forget that.

And how better to show my gratitude than to finish a project (my Angelica socks), buy new yarn (more Snow Leopard Trust Handspun Camel), and to start spinning new roving (next bobbin of llama).

And another special note of thanks. To Casey, Jesse, and of course to Bob. For the miracle of Ravelry. For the friends you've given me, my swap partner, the new yarns and patterns you've encouraged. The new techniques I intend to try.... and for Morgana. I can never thank you enough.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So, I had too much to do on Monday and I didn't get to post.
Not too much happening in my knitting micro-universe.
I got a couple of magazines I'd been waiting on and queued a few projects. I am turning the heel of my angelica socks as I am typing...
And I started a lace scarf with my pastel angora... have I ever said how much I love bunnies????? LOVE THEM! It is fuzzing alot and my nose is filling with fluff, but totally worth it. It is knitting up beautifully.
What else?
Still working on lappy2. i have less red than I thought I would, so I'm making a few slight adjustments.
Should be done by the weekend. I'll be trying to keep myself sane all day thanksgiving so there will probably be several FOs by saturday.

Right. Must go work so I can go to KC this afternoon. Rumor has it that Heather will be meeting me there....

Happy Knitting

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well, this week has been full of packages.
I've sent a couple.... and received a couple.
I bought 2 different shirts because one size is always a little big and the other a little small so get 2 shirts that don't quite fit! they are both awesome. maybe i'll have pictures of them soon.

now for pictures of my other packages. I was in the Favorite Color / Favorite Place Yarn Swap
First you get pictures of what I sent.

package 1 (thanks Sixfeet for the pic, i forgot to take one!)
In her questionnaire she said she collected Eiffel Towers. What do I do? That's right, I pulled out my box from my first trip to France and took out the souvenirs that I haven't looked at since the trip, and I sent them to someone who will appreciate them for her own memories.

Package #2
What good is a yarn swap without really lovely Yarn? and a few other fun tidbits?
I sent her 2 skeins of Dream in Color. I LOVE Dream in Color! It is so soft and knits up beautifully! I never buy it for myself because I can't afford to buy it in the mass quantities it would take to make myself a sweater, and I never can think of something I want to knit small enough to afford! However, when wanting to spoil someone, like a swap partner, who makes beautiful hats and scarves (and has several of each in her Ravelry Queue) I will absolutely buy it for her!
To represent my favorite place, I sent her a Charles Rennie Mackintosh mug, a picture and a pencil i got on my last trip to Scotland, a couple of Snow Leopard Trust toys for her cats, and a jingle tire toy for her doggy.
My mother also sent her an eiffel tower shoe.. yes, that's right, the red and skunk striped shoe has an eiffel tower heel!

okay, now for the package I received this week from Cathy.

2 balls of Lily Sugar 'n Cream in an interesting bright blue variegated color-way. I've been thinking of what to make with it. since it is cotton, i could make it up into scrubbies or dishclothes, but it is fingering weight. i may attempt some house socks for my mom, but i'll have to wait since i'm up to my eyeballs in ribbing right now.
I think it will just head over to the "what do I do with cotton" drawer for now.

She also sent a sand dollar from the beach just outside her house, a bar of chocolate, some post-its, and very nice handmade beaded stitch markers from Alabama Fiber Dreams. They are very sweet.

Well, poo. I can't elaborate any more right now. I have to run to work. It never ends!
I'll catch you up a bit more soon!

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday? Are you sure it isn't Monday?

Right, so if my boss ever finds this blog, i might just get into a bit of trouble.
I'm at job#2 again.
And I have NOTHING to do. Literally. I finished all this week's work yesterday.
today I have 2 things I can work on.
1. put 17 boxes of envelopes with the wrong return address into trashbags.
2. Shread 1,500 sheets of paper in a 3 sheet limit shreader.

Right, i am leaving realtivly early to go try out Thi's new couch since she is just a mile away.

Lets see, what else is on my plate?

Sticks 'n Stitches.
I contacted a friend with the Blues. She is going to attempt (note: there is no guarentee at this point!) to work at getting one of these nights for us here. A night of Hockey and Knitting. Sounds great to me!
She also said that if they can't get this going for this year, we can absolutely get a group together anyway. She will book for us any time we want. I think it is either 15 or 20 people to make it a group, and if we go during the week we may be able to get tickets for as little as $15 a person.

So, if anyone is up for either set of events (or both???), let me know, you can contact me on here, email, or ravelry (we have a thread going in the STL forum)!

Right, off to work! (or something resembling it)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Pics are up! (some of them at least)

I've finally uploaded some of my pictures. My dog decided my mom isn't the best model and hopped up on the couch to model the blanket for me. She's so sweet! And cute to boot!

There are badges below my links that contain my spinning and some of my FO. I'll upload some of those and the small portion of my WIP and Stash onto Ravelry tomorrow.

it's late now so i'm off to spin for a few minutes then off to dream land!

nighty night!
sleep tight!
don't let the lady bugs bite!

Productive Week

Well, its monday again. blogging day?
I'm at job #2. Not much work to be done.

This has been a great week!
I took pictures of some of my lovelies, but haven't gotten them onto flickr yet. I'll let you know when that happens.

I got lots of fun rovings for practicing on Morgana. Ellen is such a doll! She handed me a whole box of Llama and 2 bells of random sheepy goodness. Ball 1 of 3 of the llama is on bobbin #1 and shall very soon be joined by his little buddies. I can't wait! This is the ultimate way to relax! 30-45 minutes (if i can stop) of spinning before bed, and i'm out like a light! I haven't slept this well in months.
Knitting to de-stress and spinning to sleep. I wish I'd have learned these things as a child!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see. What else?
Thi's store, Knity Couture (website on the right! -->) had it's grand openning!
So much fun. I went a little nutso, and totally over-ran my budget. However, I got some wonderful little beauties to feed my addiction until (hopefully) at least Christmas. My budget can't handle any more until New Years.

I also grabbed my Spomoni Trekking from Madalene (will you PLEASE get a website so I can link to it!). This time I refuse to do it on #1 needles. 2s or 3s all the way!

My SnowLeopardTrust Camel Yarn should be coming soon. I hope. I can't wait much longer for it. My hands are simply itching to start on the shawl neck sweater. I pulled mom's out yesterday to start attempting to look at it and think about the pattern. Not only am I going to try to make a pattern out of a purchased garment, but i'm going to have to adapt it to a different guage? this may take a while.

Hmmmmm. Speaking of Camels.......
I wove in the ends on Grandma's Camel Lap Blanket. Its very pretty. Very warm. And VERY soft. I used it on the KC Campout. GORGEOUS! So I started the pattern again in red with gold accent. This was initially supposed to be for Grandma #2, but I think it's going to be for me.... Gryffindor colors can't be given away... especially to an anti-HP grandmother! No, I think I'll finish this one for myself and make her a blue one to match Granny #1s.

Right, I should get back to work. They are paying me to at least attempt to look like I'm working. Perhaps I'll reorganize the other office? (insert sarcastic tone here -->) YAY!

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Not Bob!

You know, Bob, the ravelry mascot, is awefully darned cute. However, when I am in the middle of upgrading my stash and his little face pops up instead of my yarn.... he really isn't so cute. he's just down right maddening.
I understand that all the things we high maintenance ravelers demand require Casey (god that he undoubtedly is) to temporarily shut the site down for upgrades, but really? in the middle of a SATURDAY. sure it was only 5 minutes (maybe) and just long enough to type this (it is back up!YAY!). but still with an addiction such as mine......

i think i need help.