Monday, April 28, 2008

Finished Objects and Photos

Please don't faint! Yes, I know it is totally out of character for me, but, yes, I did accomplish several things today, including some knitting stuff!

I finished the toes on both of my Ocean Toes Socks. Me! I finished a pair of socks in under a year!!!!!!!!!! They are very pretty, however, i hate the star toe. hate it. pulled out the first finished sock with its very stupid modifications (i really need to think things through once in a while!) and did it as Cat directed. Really though, it just doesn't fit my wide flat fat toes very well. 

my mother on the other hand (modeling them in my photos) LOVES how they fit. she may just get them and i'll make a pair for myself with the standard toe. don't tell her that though! 
i'm thinking they may go in her teacup for mothers day. she'll be ecstatic.

I love them! SO PRETTY!

Well, I finally took a picture of my EZ bog jacket now that it is 65% finished.
I love how this yarn pooled!
 I tried alternating balls but i really just liked this better. I can't wait to finish it. I bought some darker blue Heirloom Easy Care 8-ply to edge it with. 

I think that may be all for now......

happy knitting

Friday, April 25, 2008

heel and foot are finished on sock 2. now it is down to 2 toes. i'm trying to decide whether i retry the star toe or just do the standard... ah well, maybe i should wait until i'm not so sleeeeepy.

baby boggy is coming along, slowly but surely.
pics soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

done did it 'gin

so as i was finishing up the heel on the sock, i realized i messed the chart up somewhere in the middle . i tried laddering down.... not happening. so i frogged it a bit, went too far, couldn't pick the stitches up again, and ended up pulling out the whole heel and a bit above it. ah, oh well, i should have a bit of time tonight to work on it, and then there is always knit night!!!!

but then again, there is baby jacket!
the colors made an agreeable pattern on the bottom. i like it. it reminds me of the book spilt milk. a fave book, definitely.
but now as i continue up into the top part, i added stitches for longer sleeves (i think maybe too many, but i can always cuff it, right?) and the color pattern completely changed. it has now started a layering of colors. as long as this pattern keeps up, there is going to be a gradual color change striping up the sleeve. I'm very excited about that!!!!!!!

i'm taking pictures tonight, and i'll post them soooooon.

happy knitting!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Socks, Songs and a baby jacket

I'm still loving the Gareloch socks. And last weekend I took them on an outing to the Missouri Tartan Festival in St. Charles. After I finished my amazing bangers and mash from the Oz Highland Farm,  the sock came out to warm in the sun (and get a heel). As I was pulling it out, a wonderous thing happened. The band, Highland Reign, finished their set with the pipes and High Road to Gareloch. Fate? Perhaps I should be calling Jan and planning a trip back to stay with her for a bit. i'm terribly homesick again. 

Well, seeing as I'm never very good at finishing things, and this sock is chart after chart after chart, and I'd been drinking a bit, oh yeah, and the fact that i'd forgotten to grab my socks from my desk at work..... I cast on a new project at knit night last thursday. A bog jacket. 
It is a very pretty light blue and white that I swapped with bartons15 from Ravelry. 
I took it with me  to the midnight brew n view showing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail on Friday night (you have to appreciate mindless knitting!), and I knit it (when not napping) most of Saturday as I recovered from the oh-so-long week on Amanda's couch. I'm 1/3 of the way through it. sort of.
today, i'm procrastinating (its cleaning day) by reading through the rest of the pattern and embellishments. trying to decide on what i want to do with it. longer sleeves and collar are a must. i'd do the i-cord edging too if i could find the right complimenting yarn. It is bigger than I originally thought I would make it (i re-cast-on several times because I couldn't decide). It is more toddler sized than the original baby that I thought i'd make. 

pictures soon. i hope. 

a well, i should do something now. laundry, at least.

happy knitting!