Sunday, February 21, 2010

Note to self

* spinning and hockey don't mix well.
I have been sitting here watching the USA v Canada Men's Hockey game. Some of my favorite players in the NHL are on the ice. So are some of the ones I love to hate. Familiar names with new numbers. I have to pay attention.
I am also sitting here spinning up my Gryphon Silk Merino Roving in Ravenwood. Lime green to forest, plum to eggplant, some deep blue. VERY pretty and shiny!
Now the problem. The more exciting the game, the faster my foot goes. Not too huge a problem. My foot tends to do that when I spin, but usually my hands keep up fairly well. Not during a game like this!!!! my hands are all but stopping. My foot speeds up. 2 minutes later there is a stop in play or a goal and I realize the yarn broke some time ago, my hands are holding a limp braid, and the end is lost somewhere on the bobbin. Again, not a huge deal, except that i'm spinning so fast that i'm near cobweb weight and, well, I really should just put the wheel away.

Back to the game.... period 3. YIPPEE!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Up to Date?

Another quiet Friday at the Map Room. Friendly Henries playing (and now for a bit of audience participation......). Friendly faces stopping by for a quick chat. Me "knitting" (really I'm playing on my computer and drinking sangria and ignoring my knitting).

February Lady sweater is almost done. and has been since the day after my last post. It was then that I finished the first sleeve, knit 1/3 of the second sleeve and then the issues began. Broken needles, dropped stitches, broken yarn, and my general stupidity ended in the sleeve being restarted 4 times, the project being put in the freezer (yes, with the veggies and Jeni's and all) being pulled out of said freezer and straight into the trunk of my car. I'll pull her out as soon as I finish my latest obsession.

Yes, that is the TARDIS. In sock form! I will readily admit, at any time, that I am a huge geek. I adore Doctor Who. When I saw this sock, and a friend getting ready to do it for her Olympic Challenge, I HAD to start it asap. The pattern is cuff down, but I'm a toe up kind of gal so I made my first attempt at switching the pattern direction. It WORKED! I knit the first sock in record speed. It was my first successful attempt at stranded color-work. NO PUCKERING! I'm extremely proud. I had to do it justice though. The blue is DIC Smooshy. The black and the white are Bugga. I couldn't disappoint those yarns. They just scream to be something pretty.
SSS hasn't kicked in yet. I'm just knitting away at the boring part of sock 2. Still loving it!

Lets see, other knitting news?
Blame Dean is doing well. Growing little by little. Not nearly as much as in the beginning, but growing regularly. That's a good thing, right? At least it isn't in the freezer.
I started two mini-skein swaps for it. One is all Pagewood Farms yarns. SUCH pretty colors. 44 coming to me in about 2 weeks. LURV IT! I can't wait!! I have a heck of a lot of winding in my future, though. UG.
The other swap is for yarns which people would require on a deserted island. One guess on what I'm contributing... I have pretty packages arriving on my doorstep daily and I love them all!!!! I hate having to send it away, but at least it will make lots of blankies happy.

hmmmm, anything else? I know there is. Mind is a blank. perhaps I should knit.

Ah well, TARDIS here I come. Maybe.

Maybe I'll go plant my farm.
Farmville is E-V-I-L