Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So I was perusing through the many facets of Ravelry (my favoritest thing ever!) and came upon the swap groups. and behold! there is a favorite place/favorite color swap! could there be anything better in this world? especially for someone with a horrible case of wanderlust?

anyway, I joined (duh!) and they ask you to post a questionnaire on your blog. for those of you not involved in the swap, read on for a glimpse at me!

here goes it!

warning: I'm in a bit of an indecisive mood..... sorry

Fun Stuff!

What is your favorite color(s)?
I love spring and winter colors... pinks, yellows, pale greens...
those slightly off shades of blues are great too! steely, turquoise, azure

What are your least favorite colors?
I'm not a big fall colors girl ..... red/orange/brown/gold

If you have a favorite brand of yarn, what is it?
anything soft and cuddly!

What weight yarn do you prefer?
anything from fingering to worsted.

Is there any weight of yarn you’d rather not have?
i have some bulky, but nothing too big, preferably

Do you enjoy novelty yarn? If so, what kinds do you like and dislike?
I have a few projects that I use furs with, but i don't really like using it if I can help it.

What are your favorite fibers?
I love animal fibers, the softer the better
although soy silk and bamboo are finding their way into my heart as well!

Do you have any fibers that you dislike or worse yet, have an allergy to?
hemp and I don't get along at all.

Do you have pets? If so, what do you have?
1 dog who isn't allowed within 25 feet of yarn. she eats it.... no dog near the yarn!

Do you spin?
I have a drop spindle that comes out about once a month... I'm hoping for a wheel in the next year or so.....

Would you enjoy receiving spinning related items, such as roving?

Do you knit, crochet, both, or other?
I knit...

Is there anything within your craft that you haven’t tried yet that you’d like to try or learn?
I'm going to make an attempt at dyeing.... we'll see how that goes. me, as accident prone as I am, with anything that stains.... can this be a good idea?

Is there anything that you enjoy collecting, aside from yarn?
daisies, anything animal related, and children's books (I'm an elementary school teacher)

Is there anything else that your pal should know to help her spoil you?
I'm still a little kid at heart, and its often the smallest things that make my day.

I think that's it..... if anyone has any other questions for me, let me know!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A lovely gentle fall evening

you know, i complain a lot about being back here in this city, but really, it isn't always so bad.
there are so many things to do, but you have to know when and where. Amanda happened upon a small advertisement for a little shindig tonight. The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (the 2nd oldest in the country?!? i didn't know that!) gave a free performance on Art Hill tonight to promote their upcoming season. Soft grass, wine, and great music... does it get any better?

It was an amazing night. 70 degrees and a tiny 80% humidity (which is good for here!) there was a light show off in the distance. lightening to both the north and west. (thank god the rain went around us!) and a breeze that made it all perfect.
and a magnificent moon.
it was breathtaking!
clouds moving all around it. playing hide and seek.
at one point, my sweater looked up (yes, I knit through the whole thing, what you think I've gone off my rocker and didn't take advantage of every second I was given!) and it was as if someone took a ruler and drew a line and then pasted freshly carded roving onto that line and into the sky.
just amazing.
and at the end of the night, they had a spectacular fireworks show.

great night.


the sweater is growing.
the sock is growing.
the pictures are waiting on the non-existent camera.
mom is looking through her box, if its there, i'll snap a few shots tomorrow.

mom did find a pic with me and Guini and the sweater..... perhaps I'll just share that one... Guinevere is just adorable!
Whenever she's around and my knitting is out, she makes me promise to teach her soon. She sits in my lap and watches every move I make.... so cute.

They are all cute at the age of 5 though, right?

Friday, September 21, 2007

So it was an interesting day today.
I went to work, and didn't do too darn much.
I did a bit of paperwork, knitted, did some computer work, knitted, shredded papers, knitted, well, you get the general idea.
Everyone on my floor was out of the office today and I had very little to do... so I made the most of my time.

Then there was horrific traffic trying to get home. I sat for nearly 20 minutes in one spot. I got alot of knitting done then too!

And then it was off to Beth's for dinner and a movie with Beth and Madalene.... a zombie movie.
Well, I did over an inch of knitting during that one! And I'll probably do another inch trying to get it out of my head........

Hopefully there will be pictures of the hellish ribbing soon. The camera is currently not in working order. Hopefully there will be a replacement soon.... very soon........

Now tomorrow holds a bit of promise. Craig Ferguson was sold out >:*o( so instead of all that fun and laughter (and an amazing accent!) we are going to head out to the Strange Folk Festival. I have heard good things about it... we'll see.

time to attempt sleep

Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Forever and a Day

It seems like it has been forever and a day since I updated this blog. Well, any of my blogs for that matter. (my computer screen died and so did my fix for it.... i have to wait atleast 4 months to afford a new one!)
Realistically, it has only been 4 months and 9 days since i posted here!
Since then, I've actually made some progress.
I finished the pink tank top. I wore it on my trip and at least once a week since then.
I plan to buy a beautiful eggplant yarn and make another one....... or maybe 5......

I frogged the yellow sweater. when i tried the 24 inches of stocking knit in the round (plus 2 sleeves) it was 4 inches too big around.
i don't love it so much anymore.

it is now 1/3 of the Combo Corset-T from Knitty Gritty.
Two of the girls from knit-night have finished it so it's my turn.
I'm currently on the never ending ribbing. But I am absolutely looking forward to using the Cascade Fun that I bought for the edging.... if only it weren't crochet!!!!!

I finished the first of the jaywalker socks and am stalled on the foot of the second. I have until November 1st to finish them (more about that later!)

I also started my first pair of toe up socks.
I used Angelica... remember her... the beautiful pink and black and grey?
I love her. And i'm making ankle socks in hopes that i can squeeze out a very tiny pair for my mum for Christmas.
The toe up is GREAT!!!! I absolutely wish i could make all my socks like that for eternity.
I know that will never happen. you may ask "How could you possibly know this?!?"
(sarcasm really doesn't come out very well on a blog, you know. must fix that...)

that was a very poor lead into the fact that we at knit night have recently decided to start a monthly sock along.
the theory is that the new people can get plenty of help without bugging Madelene too much.
we can all work on some wonderful socks for ourselves and our loved ones.
we can make fun new patterns.
and most importantly, we can start making a dent on our stash!
yeah, like we aren't going buy new yarn EVERY month!

well, since October, our first month, is the plain vanilla from the yarn harlot, and i get too bored and don't finish the second plain vanilla, i'm going to finish my jaywalker AND Angelica.
both second socks MUST be finished by Halloween.
hmmmm, think I can do it?

i'm not so sure.............

anyways, HAPPY KNITTING!!!