Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The last two days, I've been home due to SNOW!
Now, snow is one of my all time favorite things.  If I could live in an igloo surrounded by a foot of snow 365 days a year, I think I would.... okay, maybe just for a year or two, but I'd jump at the chance.

This winter, this is the first snow that has stuck to the ground. I got up this morning and did my usual jumpofftheporchfacefirstintothesnow angel. It was FABULOUS!!!!
Then I sat on the deck in a snow-filled chair and knit for an hour. 
Of course it was then time for Drumgray Hot Cocoa and a warm Ceridwen bath.


I wish every day could be just like this one!!!!!!!!!!!

In knitting news, this time off has helped me nearly finish sock 1 of my Orkney Ocean Toes.

 This is my second pair of that pattern. Last year I got the greatest book ever and the greatest sock yarn ever, and I made beautiful socks. They were stolen by my mother. They are the softest socks ever, are wearing extremely well, and only get softer with every wash. I wanted a pair for myself, and I need them SOON! I'm doing my best to whip them up asap. I'm on the last chart now and hope to have the first sock done by saturday (yay for knit night!). I'd love to have the done by the following knit night (you never know, it COULD happen! STOP LAUGHING AT ME!).

For my birthday this year, I'm getting the stuff to make a hoody. Not just any hoody, but the Lyric Tree (rav link!). I've been dying to knit this. Madalene is getting the yarn in for me and I've got needles on order too. Hopefully it will all come in next week and I can cast on next thursday.
EEK! I'm excited!!!

School is apparently back on for tomorrow so I should probably go to bed now... 
I'll dream of knitting Scotland inspired socks and the kilt hose to match them (someday! sniff). 
What will you dream of?

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JILL said...

you are too funny

the socks look great,
but the dog in the background of the pic is the best part :)

xoxo LUCY

glad you are enjoying the snow..
i am too!