Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Purling is a good thing

I never thought I'd say it, but I'm relieved when I get to purl rows....... Yes, please don't faint, I did just say that. This anti-purl girl has finally learned to love it..... when it isn't on size 2 needles and in a horrid ribbing pattern it is kind of nice.

Spring is here..... 80 degrees consistently. I'm hating the record setting heat we are looking ahead to.
The good thing is, at least I will have an adorable new tank top to wear!
I just finished the front arm shaping and I will, in a few rows, get to bind off the neck line and start the straps. I can't believe how fast this is coming along..... after doing the sweater in the round.... and in my very large size.... ug, it was just so tedious. This is so relaxing!

I'm going up to the knit shop this afternoon. I need to purchase the yarn for the back of this top. I just now started the 3rd ball and I'm up to the neck so it looks like I will only need 7 balls where as I thought I was going to need 9.
This is a very good thing considering I'm out of the yarn part of my budget for the month..... stupid addictive sock yarn....... I won't even mention the fact that I have 3 skeins of beautiful kettle dyed, hand spun (expensive) silvery-purple yarn sitting in Madalene's reserve fridge screaming at me to forget eating and just bring it home.

You know, there has to be some sort of yarn addicts anonymous support group out there. I could really use a meeting right now. I absolutely feel like Gollum right now, pining away for my precious. But the first step is admitting addiction and I'm fully aware of that.

But in all honesty, my pretty, she really is worth it. so soft, with a beautiful bright sheen to her.

Kind of like the charcoal soy silk roving that I just had to have last week. but it will make the most beautiful cabled fan and feather wrist warmers you will EVER see! I have already started writing up a pattern for it and it isn't even spun yet!

right, I really do need to find that group...........

Hello. My name is Megan. I am a wool addict.

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