Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The End is in Sight

In the last month I have accomplished very little.
No surprise there.
I finished the back of my tank a week ago, all it needed was a half inch adjustment on the staps.
I'm finally getting to it tonight. I'm going to kitchner them in about 15 mintues. Then I get to pick up stitches for the edging. YAY! I'm excited. This might actually get finished in a timely manner.

In other knitting news, I changed my mind on stitch patterns for the shawl 5 times. I am now doing a beautiful ribbed stocking stitch. well, something like that... I really need to start remembering the names of the stitch patterns I use. It is amazingly beautiful, but I think i'm short a couple of skeins of yarn... a discontinued yarn that i can't afford anyway.
I'm going to rip out the 6 inches I have and add in more yarn over segments. perhaps that will stretch it a bit more.
Knit night is soon, I'll ask everyone's opinions then.

Yay for knit night!

Right, back to straps.

happy knitting!

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