Wednesday, April 16, 2008

done did it 'gin

so as i was finishing up the heel on the sock, i realized i messed the chart up somewhere in the middle . i tried laddering down.... not happening. so i frogged it a bit, went too far, couldn't pick the stitches up again, and ended up pulling out the whole heel and a bit above it. ah, oh well, i should have a bit of time tonight to work on it, and then there is always knit night!!!!

but then again, there is baby jacket!
the colors made an agreeable pattern on the bottom. i like it. it reminds me of the book spilt milk. a fave book, definitely.
but now as i continue up into the top part, i added stitches for longer sleeves (i think maybe too many, but i can always cuff it, right?) and the color pattern completely changed. it has now started a layering of colors. as long as this pattern keeps up, there is going to be a gradual color change striping up the sleeve. I'm very excited about that!!!!!!!

i'm taking pictures tonight, and i'll post them soooooon.

happy knitting!

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