Sunday, April 13, 2008

Socks, Songs and a baby jacket

I'm still loving the Gareloch socks. And last weekend I took them on an outing to the Missouri Tartan Festival in St. Charles. After I finished my amazing bangers and mash from the Oz Highland Farm,  the sock came out to warm in the sun (and get a heel). As I was pulling it out, a wonderous thing happened. The band, Highland Reign, finished their set with the pipes and High Road to Gareloch. Fate? Perhaps I should be calling Jan and planning a trip back to stay with her for a bit. i'm terribly homesick again. 

Well, seeing as I'm never very good at finishing things, and this sock is chart after chart after chart, and I'd been drinking a bit, oh yeah, and the fact that i'd forgotten to grab my socks from my desk at work..... I cast on a new project at knit night last thursday. A bog jacket. 
It is a very pretty light blue and white that I swapped with bartons15 from Ravelry. 
I took it with me  to the midnight brew n view showing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail on Friday night (you have to appreciate mindless knitting!), and I knit it (when not napping) most of Saturday as I recovered from the oh-so-long week on Amanda's couch. I'm 1/3 of the way through it. sort of.
today, i'm procrastinating (its cleaning day) by reading through the rest of the pattern and embellishments. trying to decide on what i want to do with it. longer sleeves and collar are a must. i'd do the i-cord edging too if i could find the right complimenting yarn. It is bigger than I originally thought I would make it (i re-cast-on several times because I couldn't decide). It is more toddler sized than the original baby that I thought i'd make. 

pictures soon. i hope. 

a well, i should do something now. laundry, at least.

happy knitting!

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