Friday, May 30, 2008


Yes, I have actually been starting and finishing projects.  Here's the Proof!!

Spilt Milk Bog Jacket. all edged. and I even put a little teddy bear button on it!! I still hate teh kitchnered part, but I'll live. 

And here's my coriolis socks. 11 days to make the pair. I LOVE them. they fit perfectly!!!!!!
and the ruffly anemone cuff is really cutsie. (Thanks for modeling them for me Cassie! I hate my legs and I just can't lose any more cute socks to my mother!!)

And in addition to those, I've started 2 more pairs of socks (polar opposites, yay!) Fairy Tales and Highland Reels...........

and I've pulled K2P2 out of hibernation... proof of that too!

It was Stitch N Pitch here in St. Louis this weekend. My camera batteries were going very slowly so I only grabbed a few pics, but i'm going to try to steal a few more from friends.....     

The socks next time.....

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