Monday, May 19, 2008

progress and decisions

i know i've been mia for a bit, but with good reason. 
i'm actually finishing projects!

what has gotten into me??????

the spilt milk jacket is all sewn up and ready for edging. i'm kind of not happy about the kitchnering. I am really tempted to pull it all back out and do it again. i want to knit one more row and then kitchner it. right now there is an extra purl side and i'm just not happy. perhaps i'll weave in all the other ends and wait to show the girls at knit night.

in the mean time, I used my dye pot luck to very quickly knit up 1 coriolis sock. love it! did it in 4 days.
Me, a sock in 4 days.......
now i'm trying to decide if I want to knit the second one up this week, or start my fairytale sock from Gryphon's sock club.......


summer's here. still only the two part time jobs for now. that means a negative yarn budget (knitting from stash only! and perhaps i'll swap/sell a bit of it on rav, too), but plenty of time to knit!!!!
somehow i have a feeling that i'm going to become a permanent fixture at my fave yarn shops and starbucks too.

not a bad way to spend summer.

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