Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quick knits are good

I started my Christmas knitting this week. I hate the idea that I should be knitting pressies. It is not fun having that hanging over my head. I have in the past knit a few presents for a special people. If I see something that I know they will love and appreciate, I knit it. I only knit for people who understand the time, effort and love that goes into the item. Before long though, people start having expectations. I HATE knitting with expectations.

I have however found several VERY quick projects that I like very much.
I made a beautiful drop stitch ribbon scarf in about an hour. Then last night, I made a cowl for my Sillinesss. Not for Christmas, but just because I love her and she neeeeeeeds it apparently. The cowl is so soft and lovely and fun and fast (and affordable!) that I decided to make at least 2 more. No pictures until after Christmas for the obvious reason...

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