Thursday, December 3, 2009

time flies

So ten months have passed. I am never good at sticking with things, but I have new things coming up that may call for blog posts.

I did finish that sweater. It is warm and cozy and I LOVE IT! It was worth the stress. It really only took 2 weeks. And that is through a bout of vertigo and while working on several other projects and being, well, me.
I made extra long sleeves and am so glad I did. The sweater is warmer than my winter coat!

In the last several months I have actually knit on a bunch of stuff and finished some things too! A blanket, baby sweaters, shawls, socks... I've started several more sweaters that I may finish some day.

I'll leave it at that for right now. I have too many things to write about... new projects, old projects, other events... I can't think of it all now.

especially since it is knit night tonight!

Thank all higher powers for Thursdays!!!!

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