Friday, January 22, 2010

Almost there!

I've been trucking along, slowly but surely, on my February Lady. I zipped through the garter top in just a couple of days. I fell in love with the gull lace pattern and got through more than half of the body in only a week or two after that. Then IT happened... the it being me.

I put half of the 1,000,000 stitches (ok, really not that many, but enough) onto scrap yarn to try it on and check the length. For once, it actually fit. The buttons looked GREAT (yeah, I had my mum sew on the buttons while it was still in progress!). The shoulders fit. The girls weren't chopped in half, or popping out, or otherwise causing issues. The armholes were a bit big, but that's easily fixed. The sweater has the potential to be a project I'm going to wear! That is a rarity for me. I hate how I look in everything. I tend to be a bit picky with the garments I wear. And once a project makes me mad, I tend to hold a grudge (referring to big yellow here...). Not with this one. Winter Wine will be a winner!

Wait, yeah, did you catch the IT up above? Did you miss the 1/2 the stitches on the scrap yarn?
The poor sweater sat on the scrap yarn for nearly 3 months. All I had to do was pick the sweater up and put the needle back through half a row. The needle was there. The sweater was often on my desk next to my bed. Sometimes it came with me to the shop. Sometimes it hung out in my car, available for quick access when I was out and about. It was usually in sight at some point during nearly every day.

Pick it up and take it off of the scrap. Not a difficult task. It shouldn't take but 2 minutes, if that. Right? We measured, and all I needed was 24 rows of lace and then 2 inches of garter. That's NOTHING compared to what was already done! Just do it!

Well finally, with the start of Yarn Over 2010, I had to stop starting new projects. I had to finish WIPs. Winter Wine was given new life. I put her in with Blame Dean. They became buddies and learned to take turns. If I finish one repeat of lace, I can do a square (I didn't say how big the square was!). I gave her a deadline. She had to be ready to wear by the first of February. She is the February Lady after all.

Well, last night, knit night, I bound off the bottom. I tried her on and she is PERFECT! All she needs is sleeves. YIPPEE!
Sleeves go fast, right?

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