Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night in Bliss

Can you see that? it's kind of hard to take pictures when you don't have a flash. That's my sanity....

Sometimes I just LOVE Fridays. Especially when the evening is spent at the Map Room. If I haven't mentioned them yet, well, shame on me. It is an awesome and very cozy little spot on the south side of St. Louis. They have live music on the weekends and even ran old movies in the courtyard during summer weekend afternoons. Chele has a definite knack for the mixing of amazing little drinks and picking out awesome wines. Currently I have a carafe of blackberry brandy sangria sitting in front of me with what remains of a delicious chocolate cupcake (that's what's in the picture)

I'm surrounded by friendly people, books and maps. My knitting is coming out as soon as the computer goes away. I can sit here and knit to my hearts content. People stop by to ask what i'm working on or to just randomly strike up conversations. I love an open atmosphere like that. I can come in by myself and have a cup of hot tea, or a spiked coffee, or a whole bottle of wine. It seems like most of the time I end up sitting with someone... someone else who happened in by themselves, someone I haven't seen in 12 years that happens to walk in (because my life is just crazy like that), friends who pop in to join me...

My knitting is on its way out. Tonight I have my February Lady and Blame Dean. Why can't I knit anything portable right now? A sweater and a blanket. Sheesh. Both are coming along nicely. I'm getting ready to start the garter stitch at the bottom of the sweater. I'm very excited. That means sleeves and then I can wear it. Buttons are already on. I've woven in ends as I go. I am determined to have it done to wear the first of February......... we'll see if I feel the same on the next purl row.
The blanket is moving along faster than the sweater. There is just so much satisfaction in finishing one of the squares! I love knitting on it. Maybe I will finish it before I'm 40. That would be a HUGE accomplishment for me! ah well.

I should go knit. Maybe I'll finish a row before the sangria kicks in.
Maybe not.

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