Friday, February 2, 2007

February Second

I love February second. I always have.

It's Ground hog's Day... which means Punxatani Phil (how in the world do you spell that???) will tell me that Winter is going to last FOREVER and snow will fall every day for the rest of my life. yes, that may be wishful thinking, but, hey, a girl can dream.

in addition to the lovely little hairy rodent day, it is St. Brigid's Day.
Brigid has always been my favorite saint (i was raised catholic, and some things you just don't let go of). her legend is wonderful. and she founded Kildare. and she is the second patron saint of Ireland. and her cross is beautiful and very simple. so anyways, happy St. B's day! turn some earth and have a pint.

oh, and i can't forget. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN! miss you!

last night was knit night.
it was great, as always.
and we actually had a full crowd! it has been a while since we filled all the chairs (and had people on the floor). 5 new knitters i think i counted. and they were all nice .... and held their own in conversation .... without being offended..... or making anyone want to drive a needle through an eyeball. YAY!
Beth made me shortbread. YAY! it's one of my absolute favorite things in life. and Allison and Madalene and i walked to the coffee shop for hot cocoa to dunk it in. YUM! it was wonderfully delicious. and i have some left over!!!! can you say breakfast?????

and i finally got to the 14 1/2 inches i needed on the sweater. and then chaos. i couldn't quite figure out what i was supposed to be doing. there was some confusion due to the fact that i'm doing it in the round and not flat... and i can't figure out why the back is supposed to be 2 inches longer than the front . . . doesn't make esnes to me. and some parts go on holders. some parts are supposed to be bound off... then picked up again... then added on...then, hell, i don't know! and i have 2 balls attached now, not one. and i 'm confuzzled. i think i'm supposed to be working just the sides right now.... armpits?? hell, maybe i'll just do the sleeves.

so what's on the agenda for today? well for my day off i usually sleep in, but not today it seems. today, i am going back to the LYS to try to get my head around what i am supposed to be doing with this sweater....
then i am picking up a couple of friends who will be accompanying me to get a tattoo as a bday pressie to myself. normally my nerves get the better of me with stuff like this. i'm not good with anticipation.... or adrenalin.... or anything somewhat adventurous.
but for this i am completely calm. no butterflies yet. no anxiousness no nerves. just a hint of excitement. so far in my life, that has only happened a few times. first overseas flight. first day of college. moving to Scotland. and now this. all the other things were right. the beginning of something. i don't think this is the beginning of the tattooing of my whole body or anything, but something, perhaps.


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