Thursday, February 1, 2007

What a day

To wake up to such news as the release date for the final Harry Potter book! That in itself was exhausting.... and then learning the actual date!
Jo has thrown me for a loop. i figured i would have at least until fall. i mean, really. to release the 5th movie only a week and a day before the final book! insanity!
it just can't be smart. i can't afford both!
not with the trip, five years in the making. (cross my heart, i started planning this nearly 5 years ago.)
yes. i think i have it.
I'll fly over for the movie and stay for the book!
until i looked at the airfare. winter fare (non holiday of course) i can usually find for between $400-$700. summer fare.... runs $1,000-$1,400. that, with food and tourism and housing... more than i anticipated, 3 months before I anticipated it.

with all that, i sat down and looked at my finances. i came up with several solutions:

option 1. get a part time job. this was already in the making. i am up for a part time position at the LUSH going in at the nearby mall. but it doesn't start until the end of Feb or March. so it is no good to me. but with my morning coffee.... my usual barista handed me an application. i am on my way to turn it in as soon as i finish typing here.

option 2. take out a loan. probably from mom, but a loan all the same. i can by my plane ticket now (or at least in the next few weeks) so as to lock in a reasonable price. and i can pay it back when i get my taxes back and with each paycheck.

option 3. the most relevant to this particular blog... and my least favorite of all..... a yarn fast.
i was on a yarn diet, but now, an all out fast must be put into place if i'm going to be able to afford this.... i'll give up yarn for lent.... maybe that'll help

all i can say is that at least i have enough in my stash to keep me going.

my sweater is at 13 3/4 inches. hopefully i'll start the shaping tonight..... or a sleeve.

and i have some pink Silky Tweed on sweater plan.... i can take that out a piece at a time, when i'm ready to start another big project.

and my socks haven't grown much. they'll have to be finished.
and Angelica is still calling me
and as if i didn't have enough sock yarns ....i bought this 2 weeks ago
(i didn't have a pic until today)

it is a very colorful (and slightly shiny?) bamboo sock yarn. I love it! it is so soft. absolutely lovely.

it'll have to tide me over.
until fall?????
not going to happen. but hopefully it will get me through the new spring yarns coming out!

and i'm starting spinning!
Saturday mornings are going to be for spinning now. it was a new years resolution. and i have enough roving to get me quite a while i think. some white to practice on, some white i had intended for mittens, some pink, purple and a blended pink and purple for something fun.
hopefully that will keep me going... hopefully.

for now it is off to Starbucks to turn in an application.
and then to knit night! YAY!
one of the girls baked me a pressie for my birthday.
i'm excited.
i hope it's shortbread!!!!!


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