Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A lovely gentle fall evening

you know, i complain a lot about being back here in this city, but really, it isn't always so bad.
there are so many things to do, but you have to know when and where. Amanda happened upon a small advertisement for a little shindig tonight. The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (the 2nd oldest in the country?!? i didn't know that!) gave a free performance on Art Hill tonight to promote their upcoming season. Soft grass, wine, and great music... does it get any better?

It was an amazing night. 70 degrees and a tiny 80% humidity (which is good for here!) there was a light show off in the distance. lightening to both the north and west. (thank god the rain went around us!) and a breeze that made it all perfect.
and a magnificent moon.
it was breathtaking!
clouds moving all around it. playing hide and seek.
at one point, my sweater looked up (yes, I knit through the whole thing, what you think I've gone off my rocker and didn't take advantage of every second I was given!) and it was as if someone took a ruler and drew a line and then pasted freshly carded roving onto that line and into the sky.
just amazing.
and at the end of the night, they had a spectacular fireworks show.

great night.


the sweater is growing.
the sock is growing.
the pictures are waiting on the non-existent camera.
mom is looking through her box, if its there, i'll snap a few shots tomorrow.

mom did find a pic with me and Guini and the sweater..... perhaps I'll just share that one... Guinevere is just adorable!
Whenever she's around and my knitting is out, she makes me promise to teach her soon. She sits in my lap and watches every move I make.... so cute.

They are all cute at the age of 5 though, right?

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cathych said...

Meghan, this is your spoiler for the swap....I want to know, my dh teaches elementary school also, (he teaches BEH, so you know what a b*tch that is, lol), would you like any school supplies for your "treat box"? I am talking about things from Micheals, like little note pads, etc. Things kids go for.