Friday, September 21, 2007

So it was an interesting day today.
I went to work, and didn't do too darn much.
I did a bit of paperwork, knitted, did some computer work, knitted, shredded papers, knitted, well, you get the general idea.
Everyone on my floor was out of the office today and I had very little to do... so I made the most of my time.

Then there was horrific traffic trying to get home. I sat for nearly 20 minutes in one spot. I got alot of knitting done then too!

And then it was off to Beth's for dinner and a movie with Beth and Madalene.... a zombie movie.
Well, I did over an inch of knitting during that one! And I'll probably do another inch trying to get it out of my head........

Hopefully there will be pictures of the hellish ribbing soon. The camera is currently not in working order. Hopefully there will be a replacement soon.... very soon........

Now tomorrow holds a bit of promise. Craig Ferguson was sold out >:*o( so instead of all that fun and laughter (and an amazing accent!) we are going to head out to the Strange Folk Festival. I have heard good things about it... we'll see.

time to attempt sleep

Happy Knitting!

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