Monday, October 22, 2007

happy monday!

I went to a new knitting group over in South City. It was great!
Everyone was extremely friendly and there are alot of beautiful faces to put with all those Ravelry sreen names!
The owner of the new LYS was there and I got to hear about the goings on. I am unbelievably excited about it. She's soooooo sweet and friendly. It will be a pleasure to go in there!
And she was talking about some of the yarns. She's attempting to get yarns from alot of local and small producers. I can't wait! and she's going to have alot of spinning supplies, which is just an added bonus.
the shop opens in 2 weeks (and she doesn't even have the keys yet!) on a saturday morning. the south city ravelrs are planning a campout before the party! (think waiting in line for HP release, but at 7am not midnight.) this should be a blast!

now don't get me wrong. madalene's is still going to be my #1 yarn shop, but it will be GREAT to have this one too!

in other news, I GOT MY SPINNING WHEEL!
it should be shipped to me today and I'm hoping (pray to the fedex gods for me, please!) that it will be here by the weekend.
I actually cleaned my bedroom and organized my stash to get ready for her.
all i need now is to decide on a name......
i'll post ideas after i've officially met her.

until next time....
happy knitting

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