Sunday, October 7, 2007


It has been a GREAT weekend.
The parents are out of town so its just been little old me and one yarn stealing (well, attempted theft, not yet successful) dog.
I spent all day Saturday knitting and scratching the ears of said puppy. it was absolutely fabulous (which was one of the many shows in my all Brit-tv/knit-athon!).
I finished the 9 month old jaywalker socks.
they are BEAUTIFUL!
Picture when I find lost camera (it is in my purse that went missing last week)
I hate my feet, but these socks are soooo cute.
And they turned out to have the exact opposite stripe pattern. the toe color is the same as the cuff of the other, and it proceeds from there. kinda nifty.
and i have almost enough left for baby booties.... or another very tiny project.
any one out there have any ideas for some cool brown, red and pale blue yarn??????

and Vicki sent out the swap partners! YAY!
I'm so excited. I have several plans in the works. Lets see if they work out...........

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