Friday, October 19, 2007

Insanity? Of Course!

So life has felt a little rough lately. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but rough all the same.
I have been doing all the things I typically find myself doing in those moments of insanity. Shopping like a crazy lady (never a good thing around pay day!), knitting like a mad woman (yes, even in traffic today... it was moving too slow to need to shift out of first gear so why not?), and starting new projects.
Lets see, what have I started?
First I started on a new pair of socks. and i didn't like the way the yarn handled the pattern. so i frogged it.
so i started a different pattern with a different yarn. love it, but i wanted something bigger. with a very very simple pattern.
A lap blanket for Grandma Lou. Pretty blue camel and purple goddess!
and it is going sooooo fast.
and it isn't ribbing!!!!
that's my favorite part. the whole ribbing thing has gotten to me.

and I think I may be buying a spinning wheel.
I was originally going to wait until I got a full time job, but I think a third part time job will qualify.
yes, i now have 3 jobs in addition to my volunteering.
i'm stupid. i will have 2 evenings a week free (that includes knit night! thank the gods!). the rest of the week i'll just go crazy and starve (i have 30 minutes between the first and second job, and the second and third, and i need every second for traffic!). I am going to stock up on energy bars and live on those for a while..... we'll see how that goes.

lets see, other news?

not really. another new LYS is coming soon (two weeks to be exact!) near jobs 2 and 3. I've very excited. I've heard good things about the owner. i can't wait to have another place to go and knit my time away.

right, that's if I ever get time!

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