Monday, October 29, 2007

there seems to be a theme

I guess Monday is becoming my blogging day?
Certainly seems like it.

Well, this weekend was quite eventful... atleast fiberly (is that a word? sounds wrong, but i can't think, i'm at work!)
My new baby arrived. Ashford Traditional. From dear Hattie....
She is beautiful. I still can't quite decide what to name her. I really like Aine (radience, queen of the Fairies) and Morgana (the great circle).
I did a bit of work on her. It was going really well until the single broke. i just couldn't get it going again. I think i'm going to put that particular fiber away for the moment and use something a bit longer (i've got a bit of my practice fiber from my drop spindle left!).

Lets see.
I also finished the lap blanket for my grandmother. It is beautiful!!! I absolutely adore it! I really want to keep it for myself. I am going to make one more for other grandma (quick easy xmas pressie) and then cast on one more for myself, but i'll make it twice the size.

The yarn for my camel sweater is due in to seattle next week. Hopefully it'll arrive at my house soon! And my ravelry shirts too! i can't wait for those!!!! EEK!

I fixed my camera, and have taken a number of pictures of Morgana (yea, i thinks that's going to be her name) and of several of my FOs. I will hopefully post them on Flickr this week (if i get the time) and on Ravelry. Perhaps I'll get some on here too.

see, now you have something not so monotonous as my rambling to look forward to!

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