Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Work? What's that?

I got in to work late today. I was worried. I feared a huge pile of work to do. My boss hasn't been in with anything for me to do in quite a while. Well, surprise, still no work. And I can't just go back home because that is a total waste of gasoline. Instead, I cleaned out my office and the office next door that is basically used as storage.

Now what?

I played on ravelry (i'm sooooooo not supposed to be playing on the internet!) and now i'm posting here. I think I may head over to one of the coffee shops nearby and sit and knit for a bit. I have one more pair of socks to finish in the next 3 weeks. It is really only a one or two evening project.

OOOOOh, what else to do when you are bored at work?


spend NEXT month's paycheck

on yarn


Handspun Bactrian Camel Yarn

that helps families in Mongolia... and the Snow Leopard.

Go HERE for more information.
The lovely Marissa, who I met at the AZAD Conference, has let me know about all the lovely colors they are getting in next month and has promised to save many skeins of undyed yarn for me for this winter's sweater project.

I like Marissa

and I LOVE this yarn.

While I'm waiting, she is going to send me a pretty cranberry skein to tide me over! YAY!

ah well, I SHOULD at least pretend to work for a bit longer.

Happy Knitting!

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