Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well, this week has been full of packages.
I've sent a couple.... and received a couple.
I bought 2 different shirts because one size is always a little big and the other a little small so get 2 shirts that don't quite fit! they are both awesome. maybe i'll have pictures of them soon.

now for pictures of my other packages. I was in the Favorite Color / Favorite Place Yarn Swap
First you get pictures of what I sent.

package 1 (thanks Sixfeet for the pic, i forgot to take one!)
In her questionnaire she said she collected Eiffel Towers. What do I do? That's right, I pulled out my box from my first trip to France and took out the souvenirs that I haven't looked at since the trip, and I sent them to someone who will appreciate them for her own memories.

Package #2
What good is a yarn swap without really lovely Yarn? and a few other fun tidbits?
I sent her 2 skeins of Dream in Color. I LOVE Dream in Color! It is so soft and knits up beautifully! I never buy it for myself because I can't afford to buy it in the mass quantities it would take to make myself a sweater, and I never can think of something I want to knit small enough to afford! However, when wanting to spoil someone, like a swap partner, who makes beautiful hats and scarves (and has several of each in her Ravelry Queue) I will absolutely buy it for her!
To represent my favorite place, I sent her a Charles Rennie Mackintosh mug, a picture and a pencil i got on my last trip to Scotland, a couple of Snow Leopard Trust toys for her cats, and a jingle tire toy for her doggy.
My mother also sent her an eiffel tower shoe.. yes, that's right, the red and skunk striped shoe has an eiffel tower heel!

okay, now for the package I received this week from Cathy.

2 balls of Lily Sugar 'n Cream in an interesting bright blue variegated color-way. I've been thinking of what to make with it. since it is cotton, i could make it up into scrubbies or dishclothes, but it is fingering weight. i may attempt some house socks for my mom, but i'll have to wait since i'm up to my eyeballs in ribbing right now.
I think it will just head over to the "what do I do with cotton" drawer for now.

She also sent a sand dollar from the beach just outside her house, a bar of chocolate, some post-its, and very nice handmade beaded stitch markers from Alabama Fiber Dreams. They are very sweet.

Well, poo. I can't elaborate any more right now. I have to run to work. It never ends!
I'll catch you up a bit more soon!

Happy Knitting!

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sixfeet said...

thank you, megan ... for my fabulous dream in color, and EVERYthing else. i've been having fits over my eiffel towers. i haven't taken off the necklace since it arrived. heck, i may NEVER take it off. yay for yarn swaps!