Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday? Are you sure it isn't Monday?

Right, so if my boss ever finds this blog, i might just get into a bit of trouble.
I'm at job#2 again.
And I have NOTHING to do. Literally. I finished all this week's work yesterday.
today I have 2 things I can work on.
1. put 17 boxes of envelopes with the wrong return address into trashbags.
2. Shread 1,500 sheets of paper in a 3 sheet limit shreader.

Right, i am leaving realtivly early to go try out Thi's new couch since she is just a mile away.

Lets see, what else is on my plate?

Sticks 'n Stitches.
I contacted a friend with the Blues. She is going to attempt (note: there is no guarentee at this point!) to work at getting one of these nights for us here. A night of Hockey and Knitting. Sounds great to me!
She also said that if they can't get this going for this year, we can absolutely get a group together anyway. She will book for us any time we want. I think it is either 15 or 20 people to make it a group, and if we go during the week we may be able to get tickets for as little as $15 a person.

So, if anyone is up for either set of events (or both???), let me know, you can contact me on here, email, or ravelry (we have a thread going in the STL forum)!

Right, off to work! (or something resembling it)

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