Monday, November 5, 2007

Productive Week

Well, its monday again. blogging day?
I'm at job #2. Not much work to be done.

This has been a great week!
I took pictures of some of my lovelies, but haven't gotten them onto flickr yet. I'll let you know when that happens.

I got lots of fun rovings for practicing on Morgana. Ellen is such a doll! She handed me a whole box of Llama and 2 bells of random sheepy goodness. Ball 1 of 3 of the llama is on bobbin #1 and shall very soon be joined by his little buddies. I can't wait! This is the ultimate way to relax! 30-45 minutes (if i can stop) of spinning before bed, and i'm out like a light! I haven't slept this well in months.
Knitting to de-stress and spinning to sleep. I wish I'd have learned these things as a child!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see. What else?
Thi's store, Knity Couture (website on the right! -->) had it's grand openning!
So much fun. I went a little nutso, and totally over-ran my budget. However, I got some wonderful little beauties to feed my addiction until (hopefully) at least Christmas. My budget can't handle any more until New Years.

I also grabbed my Spomoni Trekking from Madalene (will you PLEASE get a website so I can link to it!). This time I refuse to do it on #1 needles. 2s or 3s all the way!

My SnowLeopardTrust Camel Yarn should be coming soon. I hope. I can't wait much longer for it. My hands are simply itching to start on the shawl neck sweater. I pulled mom's out yesterday to start attempting to look at it and think about the pattern. Not only am I going to try to make a pattern out of a purchased garment, but i'm going to have to adapt it to a different guage? this may take a while.

Hmmmmm. Speaking of Camels.......
I wove in the ends on Grandma's Camel Lap Blanket. Its very pretty. Very warm. And VERY soft. I used it on the KC Campout. GORGEOUS! So I started the pattern again in red with gold accent. This was initially supposed to be for Grandma #2, but I think it's going to be for me.... Gryffindor colors can't be given away... especially to an anti-HP grandmother! No, I think I'll finish this one for myself and make her a blue one to match Granny #1s.

Right, I should get back to work. They are paying me to at least attempt to look like I'm working. Perhaps I'll reorganize the other office? (insert sarcastic tone here -->) YAY!

Happy Knitting!


Hattie said...

Yay! Spinning is my way to relax before bed too, how funny!

Let me know if you got the other bobbin I mailed you. :)

Megs said...

Got it! Its next in line to be filled!

I'm very soon going to run out of bobbins if i don't start plying soon!!!!