Monday, November 26, 2007

More Monday Madness - A.D.D. Strikes again!

Well, I finally have an evening off. How shall I spend it? I guess I could take pictures of my FOs and WIPs, but no, that would take too much energy (the camera is at the opposite end of the house).
I should work on my big yellow ribbing from hell. No, that is, well, I'm not in the mood. Lets see, what else should I be doing?
The lap blanket? Its a possibility, but it's been a lot harder to get in the mood since I realized I'm going to be short on yardage for the size i wanted to make it. And of course it was the only one in its color. Ah well. It'll just have to be patient and wait until it's turn on Thursday. It is after all the perfect Knit Night project.
What does that leave me with?
Start my Christmas Knitting? Na, still to early! I'm not in the holiday mood yet.
Start a project from my queue? Eh, maybe.
Start a new sock? Definite possibility. I don't have any going right now. That's right. They are all finished. Hmmm. I never thought that possible. Must fix that.
I could spin. Almost ready to start plying! I'm definitely excited about that! And as soon as I'm finished with the plying I have some very very pretty Horizon Blue merino to spin up! WOOHOOO! Somehow I think this may be tonights winner.
Or I could do the sock.
Perhaps I should pull out mom's sweater and start my pattern for it. The yarn for mine should be here in a couple of days. Now that is one project for which I might just call in sick from my jobs... all of them!