Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Current Sock Project

I thought that it is about time i start sharing what i'm working on now

it seems that i am always knitting stuff for other people. i decided to make a new years resolution to put myself first with my knitting. just for this year. and no large or tedious projects unless it is something that i will be wearing twice a week.
so far so good.

here are what will very soon be finished (i hope) my new favorite socks
(did i mention earlier that i have a great love...bordering on fetish... of socks?)

it is a pattern i have fallen in love with
it is fun and interesting
and with this yarn, i am never fully sure what is going ot come out next!

i'm using Trekking XXL. i think it is Ombre 101, but i can't seem to find the label.
i was stupid and started it on size 1 needles. i really should have done size 2s.
and instead of starting the heel flap for the first sock, i decided to start the leg of the second sock. even though this pattern is addictive, i do tend to get very serious cases of second sock syndrome and i'm attempting to prevent it. we shall see how that goes.

did i mention that i LOVE it?

really, i do. it makes me smile every time i think about knitting it.

i think i am going to start toe up socks with whatever is left over. i love this and want to squeeze every millimeter i can out of it.

next up?
my first sweater.

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