Saturday, January 13, 2007

Layout Changes

I have spent today not knitting, but attempting to get this blog looking the way i want it.

i love sleep deprived ideas, they just come so fluidly.
at around 3am i had a bit of an epiphany. i remembered where i had put the html tags for linked buttons. yay! and then i figured out how to add them to this blog.

on the right there are lovely links to some of my favorite knitting websites, communities and such.

and i finally got my hands on some of the pictures of a few of my finished projects. they are now (after hours of trying to get them onto and off of my mini drive) up on flickr for your viewing pleasure. i intend to add more of my recent projects to the list, but it may take a while until i fix our digital camera.
and p00t sends me a picture of her in her scarf (hint hint hint hint)

i think that's it for now.
i'm going to put on a strange movie and enjoy my knitting
and the beauty of the ice covered trees


carolellison said...

What strange movie?

I wear your scarf A LOT, tonight in fact. It has so many colors in it that it always goes with whatever I have on at any given moment. There is 1 picture Dale took of me when I first opened my's not very good because of the lighting (his finger was in front of the flash!) but it's silly and shows it off (I think). You tell me!

...I tried posting it here but it's not working! I'll post on MySpace and you can grab it and do what you want with it on this blog. W00t N00t!

Megs said...

I grabbed it and added it to my flickr badge. thank you!
however, if you ever so happen to be in a self portrait mood and want to take another . . . . . . . .