Friday, January 19, 2007

good intensions

i intended to spend this day recovering from my 3 day headache (it turnedout to be sinus).
well, that doesn't seem like its going to be happening. My mind is in overdrive.
i wanted to post here about my sweater, which is coming along slowly but surely.
now i'm not in the mood.

so i jump over to the YarnHarlot for my daily laugh fix (Steph is amazing if you haven't been over there!). and someone has asked her about a summer version of the Knitting Olympics.

my brain started spinning (not my hands, that is on Saturdays! well, atleast it will be soon.)

why not hold the Knitting Olympics as a forum. there has got to be a good place that can host it for free. sure, my previous forum experience was very small. and this would be HUGE.
and could a free server hold it all?

and do i really want to get myself into this???

i am realizing i really don't know nearly enough about it all.

BUT being a Friday

and me not having anything to do

i start looking up free hosting sites.

i fear this is getting dangerious.
our dearest YH, it seems, gets herself into trouble by coming up with great ideas and putting them straight into motion. a lack of planning if i recall properly. do i really want to do that?
or should i just keep my trap shut until i've really looked into it all????

i think i'll turn off my computer so as to not tempt myself.

but i'm sure i'll be back later to put up something about my sweater. as soon as i touch it i feel the need to talk about it. addiction.
that's what this is
pure addiction
atleast this one is productive!!

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