Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rambling history of a sweater

I tried one sweater previously. But i was my usual moronic self. i tried a pattern that had extrememly complicated cables on front and back. and all pieces were made seperately. well, sure it wasn't all that, but with having not done cables before, the complexity of what i was doing was a bit overwhelming, especially when i realized my guage was off. i was 15 inches into the back and i was on my 9th repeat of the cabling pattern out of what seemed like 100 .... and then i was going to have to do the finishing too! it was endless and had lost all its appeal. i liked how it looked, but it wasn't quite what i wanted.
i finally said forget it. and i frogged the whole bloody thing. i liked the yarn alright, but it wasn't quite what i wanted in a sweater. it wasn't as soft as i hoped for. very very pretty though. a blue-grey. i still haven't decided what i'm going to do with it.... something lovely.

right, so on to the next sweater. but first some important information
I love my mom. She drives me up the wall, but still, she is the greatest.
I must say she is the best gift buyer in the history of this world! and even though i haven't tempted her to knit, yet, she understands the addiction.
for Christmas:
a gift certificate to my LYS.
2 skeins orange Alpaca Chunky.
knit picks options needle set
Knitting Nature
and these cute figuring because she though they would be cute next to my computer with some of my favorite yarn pets. i know this is about sweaters, but LOOK!

aren't they cute!!!!
unfortunately, the sheep still don't have names, but isn't Hilda (the cherished teddy) adorable.
(do you see the pygmy puff? he's the result of my post a few days ago! he doesn't have a name yet either. I'm open to suggestions!)

i am rambling again!

so anyways.
i stopped in my LYS for a chat the first week of January, and i realized that with the gift cert and the 2 skeins, it was almost the exact price of the yarn for the sweater that i'd been dying to do.
I bought all the Cascade Yarns Bollicine Dolly color 902 that she had. (and she is ordering a bit more for me)

this sweater is going to actually get finished.
it is the Phyllo Pullover from Knitting Nature.

I love the beautiful buttercup yellow merino. i'm so excited. it is so pretty! i'm doing it in the round so there will be no seeming. YAY! i'm horrible when it comes to seeming. grafting i can do no problem, but seeming. YIKES!

right now, i'm in the middle of that dead space where you knit and knit and knit and then you measure. and nothing. you've only gone a quarter of an inch since you last measured. and then you pull out a couple of hairs and keep going.
i am starting the 4th ball of yarn now. i have somewhere around 9 inches. i'm extremely excited that i get to do some shaping soon. i'm determined to finish this...and soon!

i'm going to stop my rambling now so that i can go and do a quarter of an inch of that sweater.
its growing! or atleast that's what i'm going to tell myself.

ta for now!

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