Friday, January 26, 2007

YAY for Weekends

I love Thursday.
It is by far the best day of the week. And the start of my weekend.
I work until noon, grab a bite of lunch, run a few errands, take a nap, and by 6, I'm ready for a social life.

Thursday is knit night. A great group of women gather at our local yarn shop. It always seems to start off rather mild. Alot of knitting. Someone will inevitibly need help with a project, or technique, or picking out new yarn or a new pattern, or finding some else's pattern. And usually there are several gals ready to help out. We'll all do a progress check on whatever project has grabbed our attention the previous week. There is plenty of time for show and tell. And of course a basic catch-up on what happened in everyone's lives since the last time we got together. A typical knit night, I suppose.

And then, as time goes on, it all changes. A core group stays entirely too late talking and such. Last night we went on our first field trip. A naughty one. A lot of fun. A lot of giggling. Attempts to set one of the girls up with a rather hansom young security guard. She didn't go for it so we shall be slightly more devious next time, especially with plans for future fieldtrips.

Ah well, I should be going. It is Friday.
And we made plans last night for dinner and a drag queen show. it's been a while. should be fun.


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