Saturday, January 6, 2007

Let me Introduce myself

I'm Megan, or Megs, or Daisee, or n00t (according to my darling friend Chris). yes, i said n00t.

you know, the first post always seems the hardest to write. there is always so much to say ... and i never know how to go about saying it.

now that i said that, here is an entire dissertation because i am horrible at editing my thoughts!

i think i'll start with the fact that i am a horrible typist. i can not spell. i hate capitalization. yes, as a teacher this is a horrible tragedy, but when it comes to my computer i don't care about these things. that is why i love grammar auto-correct on MSWord. i don't have to worry about those little things! now, when i write with a pencil and paper, everything is exactly perfect or the paper gets crumbles up and thrown in the recycle bin.
this leads me to another problem.... i am a perfectionist when it comes to some things (mainly things that are going to be seen by other people and therefore, in my head, automatically judged).

what else is important for you to know????
i am a geek to the core. i don't ever just do something. it always seems to either be thrown away after 5 minutes or becomes necessary to the process of breathing.
a few examples.

i knit.
obviously since this is a knitting blog.
i started about 18 months ago. i picked it up quickly. if i love something. i dive in head first. and hope i don't hit my head on a rock.
no rock here. my first scarf was just plain scary, but i learned how to avoid my mistakes. hats were easier. but i don't wear hats very much, and at the time, i didn't have any babies around to knit for (boy did that change!!!!!!). so i took a mitten class. i was fascinated watching other people knit! i hadn't taken classes or anything, just read a book, so it was a new thing. no two people knitted the same way! and nothing remotely close to all my horrible habits i had gotten from never seeing anyone else knit! and i found the wonders of patterns! following patterns is delightful if i can actually get through them. i'm not so good at following through. (i tend to make things up as i go along ... or when i get tired of something.)
well, that was it for me. i started going to knit night at my LYS. and met some wonderful people.
now i have commitment to thursday nights. friends, family, co-workers, all know not to bother me on thursdays or you are likely to get your head bitten of. every week it seems, the girls inspire me to try something new. a new pattern, some new yarn ... they are very expensive friends! but i wouldn't trade them, or my knitting, for anything in the world.

lets see, anything else you need to know??
ah, yes.
warning. i am in fact a true science geek. my BA is in natural science. i prefer biology, environmental science and zoology. which leads me to my most favorite thing of all. i volunteer as an educator at the local zoo! it is great fun! i walk around the grounds and talk to people about our animals or conservation work. sometimes i work in the children's zoo where i get to do a lot of animal contact. mainly goats, chickens, bearded dragons, snakes. it is lots of fun! and it even inspires my knitting. i made myself a beautiful bag to match my uniform. and i'm working on a couple of knitted items to use during my interpretations! i love the zoo!

i think that's about it for now.
my knitting stuff will hopefully follow soon. pictures and all. hopefully!

ta for now!

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