Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

Well, it has been a pretty good weekend as weekends go.
some of our neighbors came over for a game night. they are signing up for knitting classes this month. we shall see how that goes. they are making an attempt to talk my mother into going too. she really could use it, but i doubt that i'll ever be able to actually get her to start.

my grandmother, too, is contemplating taking knitting up again. i think it would be perfect for her. she really needs something to fill her time with. my grandfather died 2 1/2 months ago, and after 60 years of marriage and spontaneous travelling and constant intellectual conversation, grandma doesn't really know what to do with herself. i think knitting would keep her busy and make her feel productive.

i'm having my usual problem, as far as knitting problems go. i'm feeling the ADD.
any ideas on how to overcome this??
the projects on my needles are all going swimmingly.
the projects are all addictive.
they are extremely beautiful.
i can not wait to finish them.
i can not wait to wear them.
yet, for some reason, i feel the need to start something else.

and it didn't help that i went to a new yarn store today.
why on earth would i do that to myself?
sure, i didn't make any purchases.
i showed self restraint (all i have left until pay day is gas money, that helped)
but i saw 4 or 5 patters that i am absolutely DYING to try.
and i saw roving that is begging me to start spinning.

why do i do these things
i should know better

well, have a great week. i'm going to raid my stash and find something to start. . . . i'm really in a manos mood . . . . . . . maybe the purple and yellow . . . . . . somthing warm and pretty . . . . but what?
or some lovely colorwork
or another bag
or that stupid golf club cover i promised uglyMike.

somethign that i can finish today


i'm making myself a pygmypuff!!!

oh lord
what have i started this time?????

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